Percy Jackson Chatroom: Part VI: Percy’s Punishment

Brooke Schwartz
5 min readMar 11, 2018


Percy Jackson: If it makes you feel any better, Annabeth, my first description of you is that you were pretty.

Annabeth Chase: 1. It doesn’t; 2. WERE pretty?

Percy Jackson: Okay, ignore that.

Annabeth Chase: Yeah, right. Along with the fact that you wrote a book about me.

Percy Jackson: Exactly.

Demeter: See, Persephone, this is why they need farming. They wouldn’t have time to publish books that invaded my privacy.

Persephone: I rest my case.

Aphrodite has changed their name to Aphrodite❤️.

Percy Jackson: Seriously?

Aphrodite❤️: Yes.

Dionysus: Get ready for spontaneous combustion, Perry Johansson.

Chiron: Dionysus, you’re not allowed to harm the campers.

Dionysus: That’s okay. Peter’s a counselor.

Chiron: Or counselors.

Dionysus: I told you, the boy won’t feel a thing anyway!

Zeus: Dionysus, I give you permission to do whatever you want with this boy.

Annabeth Chase: That sounds wrong.

Percy Jackson and 14 others have liked this comment.

Dionysus: Okay, Perry. Dolphin, or spontaneous combustion?

Percy Jackson: Escape!

Dionysus: That’s not an option.

Percy Jackson is now AFK.


Dionysus: No, I’d rather stay here and drink wine — OF COURSE I’LL GET HIM!!!

Annabeth Chase: SO GO GET HIM

Dionysus has logged off.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare: Why are you setting the wrath of the gods against your boyfriend? Don’t you like him?

Annabeth Chase: That’s before I found out that you guys made out right before his sixteenth birthday and then he agreed to write an entire series of books that broadcasted our relationship to the world.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare: Oh. I guess that could make you kind of annoyed.



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