Percy Jackson Chatroom: Part I: Team Leo

Brooke Schwartz
5 min readMar 11, 2018

Leo Valdez has updated their status:

Team Leo!


Percy Jackson: Is that when we were on the Argo II and you and Hazel and Echo tricked Narcissus?

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Hazel Levesque: I hope Echo is doing well.

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Aphrodite: I’ve been boosting them in the right direction.

Piper McLean: Mother!

Aphrodite: You’ve done well, Piper, but do that one more time and I’ll give you the Blessing of Me again.

Gleeson Hedge: Terrific. You gave me great clothes last time. Mmm, that shirt was delicious! High-quality, too.

Jason Grace: You know, My Lady, you really didn’t do much for me the last time.

Piper McLean: Mother…!

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Jason Grace: Is there something you and your mom aren’t telling me, Pipes?

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Jason Grace: Um, okay then.

Narcissus: I am so hot.

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